Jack Antinoff's new band Bleachers Comes Out of Nowhere


Bobby Kaleel ‘15bleachers

Before I even talk about Bleachers and their self-titled album, its best to start by talking about its origins, Fun.  This alternative pop band with radio hits including “Some Nights” and “We Are Young” is best described as the modern Queen with Nate Ruess’s opera like vocals that seem to cause listeners to recall the vocal style and range of Freddie Mercury.  In fact, Ruess sometimes overshadows Fun.’s skilled guitarist and vocal back up, Jack Antinoff, whose abilities come out in songs like “Carry On” where he shines on a solo near the end.  However, after working on the beginnings of Bleachers secretly during Fun.’s 2013 tour and subsequently releasing their first album “Strange Desire” back in February of this year, Antonoff will be receiving a lot more attention.
For those who aren’t familiar with this newer band, you may recognize them by their popular radio hit “I Wanna Get Better” which immediately gained traction upon the release album and worked its way onto top 40 radio in addition to gaining the number one spot on the alternative billboard. While this has been their most played track, the rest of the album is not to be ignored.  “Shadow” which is the second single of “Strange Desires” is slowly gaining traction with its catchy chorus and strong synthetic instrumentation.  Another song on the album that should not be overlooked is “Rollercoaster” which likewise carries a classic rock feel mixed with some 1980’s revival and 2000’s alternative sounds.
This is not the last of Antinoff that we will see as he is currently working on Fun.’s new album and I am sure there is more in store for Bleachers.  If you are a fan of alternative music, give Bleachers a listen and experience a new feel to alternative music.