St. Edward to Have St. Vincent de Paul Chapter

Adam Jankowski ‘15
In the past months, St. Edward High School has worked to begin its own chapter of St. Vincent de Paul Society, a service organization with the goal of ending poverty through systematic change in order to continue the work of St. Vincent de Paul who sacrificed his life for the same cause. When asked how the school came upon this opportunity, Mr. Kubrak, Director of Service and Outreach explained how it was the wish of John Litten (SEHS class of ‘97), Executive Director of the Cleveland Branch for SEHS to be the first school in the Cleveland Branch to have its own chapter. He went on to mention how Mr. Litten had just received the SEHS Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award back in February for spreading a message of nonviolence, love, and human dignity in the community. By giving St. Ed’s students the chance to participate in the organization, he is continuing to demonstrate why he received the award.
The main purpose of St. Vincent de Paul Society is not just to serve, but do what St. Vincent de Paul says is, “systemic service”. This means that members of the society are serving people face to face. This idea ties in with the St. Edward ideal of servant leadership. Through the work and service of the students and faculty of the SVdP Society, St. Edward will become a leader in the community around Cleveland by helping out those who are most in need.
With currently only 12 members in the St. Edward branch, it is a relatively small group of kids. With officers Noah Kuemerle (President), Adam Jankowski (VP of Mission), Joey Litten (VP of Development), Chris Sekerak (Treasurer), and Blake Wilson ( Secretary), heading this Society, there is a lot of possibilities to do great acts of direct service. This is not only a great service to the outside community, but also to the members by strengthening their awareness of those in need around them. If any St. Edward student is looking to be involved in this new and exciting addition to the St. Edward community, make sure to ask Mr. Kubrak in the Campus Ministry OFfice or any of the officers for more information.