Letterman Retires, Colbert Takes Over


Benjamin Tirbaso ‘16
Heeeeeerrrre’s Stephen!
Recently, there has been a great shift in late night television.  Older hosts of revered broadcasts are being replaced by younger, energetic decedents.  Jay Leno, the host of The Tonight show, has been succeeded by Jimmy Fallon.  And Fallon filled the void on his own show by bringing in Seth Myers as the new host.  Now, after several myths suggesting his retirement, David Letterman has also decided to hand the reins to a younger comedian.
But who is to replace Letterman’s coveted position? None other than Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central’s “Colbert Report.”  After nine years with the same network that features Daniel Tosh and Jonathon Stewart, CBS announced Stephen’s migration to their network.  The “Colbert Report” has generally focused on non-partisan political comedy and less on guest based programming which Letterman used heavily.  With this transition of power, all major late night hosts are now aged in their 40’s and 50’s with Jimmy Kimmel at 55 being the oldest man on the block.  However, that’s nothing compared to Jay Leno at 63 and David Letterman at an elderly 67.
Now that late night television has been handed to a new generation, many are wondering how these changes will affect viewership.  Only time will tell, as the Late Show is yet to make its switch to a new entertainer.