Video Game Review- South Park: The Stick of Truth


Jake Dubusker ’15
For all six of you who remember, I noted in my previous review that I would be reviewing Killer Is Dead this week. I usually try to stick to plans, but as it turns out, people like reading articles about new things that are relevant. So South Park: The Stick of Truth was released just recently and has been all the rage the past week. It had been building up quite a bit of hype, having been delayed in some form nearly every time release seemed possible, and for all this hype it’ll hopefully live up to expectations. Does it? I couldn’t tell you, I hadn’t heard of it until just before it was released, I don’t keep up with news of the sort, and it’s a personal policy of mine to not get involved in hype. However, for the hefty $60 price tag it likely costs more than every other game in your Steam library (for us PC gamers), though console gamers are already used to such standard high prices.
Anyway, time to look at the actual game. You are a new kid in South Park, Colorado, who has the amazing ability to make friends using only the gesture of blankly staring at them. You meet and interact with the whole South Park cast in the setting of a very elaborate fantasy Humans vs. Elves game that all the kids are playing. Combat is turn-based with various enemies such as elves, homeless people, hall monitors, mutant rats, and Al Gore. However, the turn-based combat has some elements that give you more control than “click your best attack and hope you survive theirs.” Indeed, you can use abilities to deal more damage by mashing the mouse button, or perhaps clicking the right mouse button instead of the left. Yes, this is the kind of game that isn’t played for the challenge. By all means, if you need challenge then you can always turn the difficulty up, but the entertainment is in the story and laughs. The humor is standard South Park flavor, so headphones are strongly advised if you plan on playing this game with others around. Everything you’d expect from a game that encompasses the entire South Park world is present, from Kenny dying to Manbearpig, so being familiar with the series adds to the enjoyment when playing a game of ‘spot the reference.’ Being a South Park game this may be stating the obvious but the humor and general content of the game is very offensive in nature. If humor that crosses the line isn’t to your tastes, it would be best to stay away from this game. Other than what I’ve mentioned so far there’s little else I can mention without spoiling some of the experience. I will tell you this, there will be at least one point in the game where you end up somewhere unexpected and don’t have your usual gear/armor on. Immediately open up your inventory and equip all of it, because contrary to what you may think you still have full access to it, and that level(s) will become much easier. So the final verdict, if you like South Park then there’s a very high chance you’ll like the game, in many ways I believe it even surpasses the show. As a game that’s been anticipated for quite some time I doubt anyone is left disappointed, so it has my strong recommendation.
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