Not So Normal Formal a Blast

Adam Jones ’14
The Not So Normal Formal, better known as Mom Prom, took place this past weekend on Sunday, March 2nd. As has been the tradition for the past few years, the dance took place at Windows on the River, a banquet hall downtown behind Nautica Concert Pavilion. With varied expectations, the night started off with a formal three course dinner, in which four seniors and their mothers sat to a table. After dinner, the boys were called out of the hall to pick up a flower for each of their mothers. Let the awkwardness begin…

The dancing was kicked off with two slow dances, which surprisingly segued into one of the most memorable nights of a senior’s career. The music kicked up to some classic 80’s dance music, with classics like “Come On Eileen” and “You Make My Dreams Come True.” Moms took pictures and laughed crowd surfing took over the dance floor, followed by dance circles with equally talented teenagers and parents. A few more slow dance songs thrown in, and the night was over. One to remember not only for the moms, but the seniors as well.
I was terrified for Sunday, March 2nd, and I was not alone. But the Not So Normal Formal was above all else, a learning experience. Moms, not just mine, but all moms, are cool. They understand we are seniors and teenagers and know we need space. But Mom Prom allowed each of us to see that we needed to give something back, and a slow dance or two was what we could offer. It may not have been much, but it meant the world to them. The number of crying moms ranked easily in the 40s or 50s, but through those tears they each smiled and enjoyed a night that marks the beginning of each senior’s era at St. Ed’s. For the underclassmen reading this article, do not fear Mom Prom. It was one of the most fun and memorable nights of my four years, and I know my mother felt the same way.