Why This Year's Wichita State is a Team to Remember

Nathan Schuckman `15
On Feb. 26th, Wichita State won 83-54 against Drake to go 30-0 in the regular season, something no team has ever done. Now, regardless if you think they’re overrated because of the schedule they play (Missouri Valley Conference) or you think 30-0 is a feat regardless of opponent, that record is something to take note of. On Saturday, they will be heavy favorites against Missouri State, so the probability of Wichita State finishing the season undefeated is very high. That itself is something only 11 teams have done, 7 of which have gone on to win the NCAA Tournament. Here’s a breakdown (keep in mind, the records shown are the records minus the NCAA Tournament games):

  • 1955-56 San Francisco (25-0). Won the NCAA Tournament with an 83-71 W over Iowa. Pushed their winning streak to 55 games.
  • 1956-57 North Carolina (27-0). Won the NCAA Tournament with a 54-53 3OT W over Kansas and Wilt Chamberlain. They beat Michigan a few days earlier in 3OT as well.
  • 1963-64 UCLA (27-0). Won the NCAA Tournament with a 93-83 W over Duke. John Wooden’s first of 10 NCAA Championships in 12 years at UCLA.
  • 1966-67 UCLA (26-0). Beat Dayton 79-64 to win the NCAA Championship. Title number 3 of 10.
  • 1971-72 UCLA (26-0). Beat Florida State 81-76 to win it all. Year 6 of 7 consecutive titles for Wooden. They won by an average of 32 points this year.
  • 1972-73 UCLA (26-0). Creamed Memphis 87-66 to win it all. This was the last of their 7 straight titles and 9 in 10 years. Put their winning streak to 88.
  • 1975-76 Indiana (27-0). 86-68 W over Michigan to win the NCAA Championship.
  • 1953-54 Kentucky (25-0). Turned down the NCAA Invitation after players were ruled ineligible.
  • 1972-73 North Carolina State (27-0). Was not allowed to join the tournament because of recruiting violations.
  • 1978-79 Indiana State (29-0). Missouri Valley Conference, by the way. Lost in the finals to Michigan State 75-64.
  • 1990-91 UNLV (27-0). Lost to Duke 79-77 in the Final Four.

To recap, 11 teams have had a perfect season. 7 have gone on to win the NCAA Tournament. 1 lost in the Final Four, 1 in the Finals. 1 team didn’t join and 1 wasn’t allowed. So watch out for Wichita State this March, they just may shock you.