#8 A Charlie Brown Christmas


charlie brown christmas

Joseph Milcinovic ’15
A Charlie Brown Christmas is a 1965 short about the true meaning of Christmas and the peanut gang. As the film begins, Charlie Brown is depressed, while all the other guys, such as Snoopy, are obsessed over the presents and decorations of Christmas. Charlie Brown feels that the true meaning of Christmas has been lost, and been changed to a materialistic day. Because Charlie Brown is sad, the gang decides to give him the most important take of all— picking up the Christmas tree. After searching through many trees, he spots a pine less, dwarflike tree; he then buys it due to the fact that he feels that it is the best one. He is made fun of for picking such a small tree for the Christmas play. They all come to Charlie Brown’s house and decorate the tree, which makes them bond and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, being with friends and family and having fun with them and making other people happy.
This movie is one of the greatest movies of this list; it has a great comedic value that still holds true today, as well as a heartwarming message of the spirit of Christmas and what’s truly important— family, friends, and memories. I used to watch this with my grandmother when I was younger and can honestly say that this is one of my favorite holiday movies, it’s one of those movies that you just love re-watching, because it is that great of a movie. I hope that this film will create memories with your family and you over Christmas break, and remember that family, friends and other relationships like those, are the most important thing to celebrate over this great holiday known as Christmas!