Director Kristopher Belman Visits Saint Edward High School

Abhijeet Singh ’15

Kristopher Belman visited Saint Edward High School Wednesday to speak to film students about his experience as a director of documentaries and commercials. His work includes directing More than a Game, a documentary on Lebron James that was released in 2008, and playing a primary part in the making of several commercials over the last few years.  Belman’s current project is an upcoming project will be a 30-for-30 special on ESPN that features sports in Cleveland.

During his visit, Belman explained his experience as an amateur filmmaker, specifically following Lebron James with a camera similar to the ones used by the SEHS film students for their projects.  Despite being offered a six-figure reward for this footage, Belman used in instead to create More than a Game, which became his first documentary and his claim to fame.  Additionally, Belman made clear that making the most of opportunities, having the drive to succeed, and taking risks are critical to success in the film industry. He noted that the “pre-production stage is massively important” and gave advice on ways to make an interview flow smoothly instead of scripted and unnatural.

Students asked questions about his favorite technology, which Belman pointed out as being Final Cut, as well as the amount of freedom he has when directing commercials, which he ironically dislikes as much as the rest of TV-watching people. Altogether, his speaking at the school provided crucial experience and advice for Edwardians who are looking into film making as a prospective career or as a hobby.