New Campus Ministry Group at St. Ed's

Adam Jones ’14
The St. Edward Campus Ministry Department has brought together their main groups to form a new, student driven, campus ministry organization. The group consists of members from Eucharistic Ministers, Andre’s Giants, CSPJ, as well as various other students invited from their religious classes. The group, which still is looking for a name to best describe them, focuses on more effectively spreading the mission of St. Edward around the school. This includes brainstorming incentives for fundraisers, planning events, and coming together to serve God’s mission. The group meets Wednesdays before and after school in Room 122. With such a large student base as their members, a variety of faculty helps out with the events and meetings. These include Mr. Haggerty, Ms. White, Mr. Kubrak, Mr. Yako, and Ms. Sekerak. Talk to one of these teachers if serving the school and spreading the mission of St. Ed’s interests you.